nick (demonsweatlive) wrote,

jesus h christ

people piss me off.
i broke something in my hand the way, it is not a good idea to operate on one's self.. i'm an idiot.

stupid list:

broke my hand and can't remember how.

tried fixing my hand myself.

put my finger in a car cigarette lighter burning it horribly directly after someone said it was hot.

relieved myself in a garbage can in the classroom while class was going on.

passed out in the middle of a drug awareness assembly knocking over the projector and some chairs

passed out at top of stairs.. woke up at the bottom of the stairs covered in glass.

passed out (yet again) in science class knocking over more chairs and cutting open my arm

hit my friend jazzy jon jon, breaking his watch and getting glass in my finger, leaving it in, using a syringe and glass shard to cut it out weeks later.

hit a bong then got hit by cop car on my way back home

called josh's house phone number and asked him if he was at his house.

a while back a kid had broken my skateboard, recently i saw him skating at the park, shoved him off his board and threw it into the river... later finding out it was the wrong kid whom i had never met and didn't know who i was.
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